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小红宝书 Red Treasure Book


《亚洲餐厅美食节 2023 年小红宝书》 —— 聚集近200 家商家,总价值超过 $4,000,绝对物超所值!

只为给宝们带来一个玩得开心,吃得欢心,用得尽兴~ 有了小红宝书,吃饭买东西,吃喝玩乐,巨划算

温馨提示已购买的小红宝书(加东版本)可以在任何一家 Hi Yogurt 酸奶店内领取。

大统华(T&T) 不提供小红宝书领取服务。

Last year, the Red Treasure Book sold out quickly. We're grateful for your support! This time, we're expanding beyond Toronto for more joy!

《Asian Restaurant Food Festival 2023 - The Red Treasure Book

It brings together nearly 200 businesses, with a total value exceeding $4,000. It's definitely worth every penny! We aim to bring joy and satisfaction to all, allowing you to have a fun-filled and delightful experience.

With the Red Treasure Book, whether it's dining out or shopping, eating, drinking, and having fun, it's a tremendous deal! 

Notice: Please be informed that the Red Treasure Book (Eastern Canada Edition) is exclusively available for collection at any Hi Yogurt store.

No pickup service is provided at any T&T Supermarket location.

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